The City Government through the concerned public and private schools will help monitor the school children’s activity in terms of absenteeism and school drop-outs. This will engage the full participation of the parents, schools and the city government of Sorsogon. This program has following primary


a. To increase the literacy rate among school-age children.

b. To ensure increased attendance of children in school.

c. To monitor the actual attendance in school.

d. To avoid school drop-outs.

e. To inculcate in the minds of parent the value of education and the Rights of the Children.

Through the YCAP, the City of Sorsogon will provide the following assistance:

◦ Distribution of school supplies such as school bags, notebooks, pencil, crayons, and etc.

◦ Distribution of school uniforms.

◦ Rain and sunlight protective gears caps.

◦ Extend scholarship.

◦ Regular distribution of nutritious bread.

◦ Transportation Allowance for students coming from Bacon District (Sawanga – San Roque), West District (Salvacion – Guinlajon) and East District (Marinas – Cabid – an).

◦ Incentive for Teachers.