Gayon Sorsogon program has two (2) project components: 

Clean and Green – it will focus on the wholesome view of a clean  and orderly city with a welcoming atmosphere for tourist and  locals. It will include the Linig-Dagat program (Coastal Clean-up)  Tree Planting, Sagip-Puno (Tree Growing) and continued  beautification of barangays. 

To attain a clean and orderly Sorsogon City, a massive and  sustained information and education campaign (IEC) will be  continued in all schools, offices, business establishments, and all  the 64 barangays in the city with the end view of making the  constituency aware of their responsibility in preserving and  conserving the city’s natural resources. 

Community Participation, Youth Volunteerism and involvement in  tourism programs will be some of the strategies that will be  initiated by the city government. 

Eco-Agri Tourism – Aside from preserving and improving the  existing tourist spots of Sorsogon City, the city government of  Sorsogon under the current administration will develop and  promote more Eco-Agri tourism destinations, a combination of  Ecotourism and Agri-tourism’ tour package. 

Eco tourism will focus more on sustainable community-based  tourism, the current trend of the tourism industry nowadays.  This type of tourism will require the mass participation of the  local community, locals will be trained as tour guides along this  line.