An agriculture program that will maximize the prompt and expeditious delivery
of agricultural services and assistance to the agriculture sector. Under this program, all agriculture technicians assigned in the different barangays of the city will be mobilized to ensure that extension service will reach and will be delivered on time to farmers living even at the farthest barangay.

Identification of agriculture-producing barangays will be listed to specifically address their needs so as to attain fast and significant agricultural development. The following components are included for implementation under this program:

is an assistance livelihood project component of the Tanging Yaman. This is designed to maximize the utilization of idle lands particularly in upland areas. The City Agriculture Office will administer and carry out the plowing and harrowing of
agricultural lands for free.

◦ Fertilizer and Seedlings Loan Assistance Program – This is an in-kind loan assistance program without interest intended for upland and lowland farmers. Under this program, farmers engaged in rice and vegetable farming / production are qualified for a loan for a specific vegetable of bags of fertilizers and needed seedlings depending on the size or land area of their farm lots to increase agricultural productions and reduce the incidence of poverty.

◦ Livestock Dispersal Program – Dubbed as Sorsogon Sustainable Animal Dispersal Project (SSADP). The project goal is to increase the income of marginal farmers that will gear towards a sustainable countryside development.
Under this project, the city government will distribute livestock such as ready-to-breed gilts, ready-to-lay mallard ducks,  turkeys, and free-range chicken (layer and meat type).

◦ Distribution of Fish Nets And Motor Banca – This is a component program of Tanging Yaman that will deal in distributing motorized banca and fish nets as a livelihood assistance to improve their lives of our fisher folks with the end
in view of discouraging them to engage illegal fishing.

◦ Tahong and Seaweed Farming – Tahong and Seaweed farming will be a livelihood support project that will deviate fishermen from over fishing and venture to sea-farming.

This is another way to augment their income and uplift their
economic condition. The city government will allocate a budget for the purchase of
the needed paraphernalia relative to this project.