Message from the Mayor

Welcome to!

This is your virtual portal to the City Government of Sorsogon: its key services, priority programs, the goings-on in and around the city, and its efforts to build a livable, globally competitive and economically viable city.

Since my first term as city mayor in 2001, I have always ascribed to the tenets of good governance. If we are to achieve our vision of Sorsogon as the City of our Dreams, we have to take into account the principles of participation, accountability, rule of law, transparency, responsiveness, being consensus-oriented, equity and inclusiveness , and effectiveness and efficiency. With, we believe that we are working our way towards good governance.

More than anything, we hope that this website will serve as your link to our city in the same way that it will serve as our guide in enhancing our services.

Dagos po kamo sa Sorsogon City!


City Mayor