permits and licenses


Granting of a New or Renewal of Mayor’s Permit and Business License

Client Groups: Business owners


  • Community Tax Certificate( Owner and Employees)
  • Barangay Business Clearance (at Barangay where business is located)
  • Sanitary Permit/Health Certificate (from CHO whether for food handler or non-food    handler)
  • BIR Certification – BIR, Revenue District Office (for renewal)
  • DTI Registration (for single proprietorship)
  • CDA Registration (for cooperatives)
  • SEC Registration  (for partnership and corporation)
  • SSS Clearance – SSS, Sorsogon City Branch (for renewal)
  • Location Clearance (for Sorsogon Public Market – CPDO)
  • Certificate of Annual Electrical  Inspection/Certificate of Annual Inspection – Lessor Tax             (from CEO)
  • Fire Safety Inspection Certificate (from BFP)
  • CENRO Certification
  • PhilHealth Premium Certificate – Philhealth, Sorsogon City Services Office (for renewal)

Additional Requirements for New /Renewal:

  • Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Registration or Clearance – for Pawnshops, Money Changers, Foreign Exchange Dealers and Remittance Agents
  • BFAD Registration – for drugstore
  • DepEd/CHED Registration – for learning institutions

Service Schedules: Mondays to Fridays

8:00 am – 12:00 nn and 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

   Total Fees/Charges:

1. Business Taxes

  1. (new business) based on the type of Business and Capital
  2. (existing business) annual gross receipts

2. Mayor’s Permit – based on the kind of business

3. Sanitary Fee -  uniform rate of Php 200.00

4. Physical Exam (health card) – Php 20.00/employee

5. Fire Inspection Fee – 10% of regulatory fees

6. Exercise of Calling – Php 30.00/employee

7. Tax Clearance – Php 100.00

8. Business Plate – Php 300.00

9. Business Sticker – Php 30.00

10. Garbage Fee – Php 250.00 (within the city proper)


Total Processing Time: 1 hour and 45 minutes, applications will not be processed without the necessary requirements



Action of the PLS

Transaction time

Responsible Person

  1. Secure and fill up application form and submit for review for completeness of requirements and issuance of verification slip by the licensing officer

a. proceed to CTO and present the gross sales/capitalization for verification and initial at the Sworn Declaration

b. Computation, recording and payment of business tax and license fee at CTO

c. Proceed to City Assessor  Office for verification of real property, for no real property secure certification

Secures duly accomplished  application form, reviews requirements, and issues verification slip 5 mins Licensing     OfficerorLicense Inspector I
        c. For having real property, proceed to CTO to secure certification of no tax arrears and go back to City Assessor Office for order of payment and pay tax arrears and penaltiesd. Proceed to City Engineer’s Office and request for inspection of establishment, then proceed to CTO to pay for the fees and secure official receipte. Proceed to CTO for approval of verification slip and payment of fire code fee

f. Proceed to BFP for submission of electrical inspection certificate

           documentary stamp and presentation of official receipt for the fire code fee and for the issuance of the fire safety inspection certificate
2. Proceed to Permits and  Licenses Section for submission of accomplished requirements and for the issuance of Mayor’s Permit Secures accomplished requirements, advises clients for the release of Mayor’s Permit 10 mins Licensing Officer
3. Obtain Mayor’s Permit at the advised time and sign the logbook Release Mayor’s Permit, Business Plate or Sticker 10 mins Licensing Officer

Granting the Renewal of Tricycle Franchise

Client Groups: Tricycle owners and operators


  • Official Receipt, LTO (photocopy)
  • Certificate of Registration, LTO (photocopy)
  • Community Tax Certificate (photocopy)
  • Proof of membership (Tricycle Association)
  • Barangay Certification
  • Insurance Coverage (photocopy)
  • Certification of MCH Roadworthy (PNP Balogo/PNP Bacon District)

Service Schedules:  Mondays  to Fridays

8:00 am – 12:00nn and 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Total Fees/Charges:

East and West District:

  • MCH Filing fee                     – 225.00
  • LRF (legal research fee)     -   25.00
  • Franchise Certificate fee    -   25.00
  • Legalization Fee                  -   25.00
  • Supervision and Regulation fee   -  50.00
  • Certification fee                    -  25.00

TOTAL                            P  375.00

Bacon District:

  • Application for MTOP/ Filing fee  – 100.00
  • Annual Supervision and                – 30.00

Regulation Permit fee

  • Stenciling/Inspection fee              – 15.00
  • Annual Mayor’s Permit                   – 50.00
  • Legalization of Tricycle                   - 10.00

P 205.00

Other Fees/Charges:

  • Roadworthy Clearance Fee             -    30.00
  • Tricycle Franchise Plate No. Fee   -  350.00
  • Private Tricycle Plate No. Fee         - 200.00

Total Processing Time:

  • 30 minutes
  • Approval from the SP Secretariat will take about a week



Action of the PLS

Transaction time

Responsible Person

1. Submit to the Permits and Licenses Section all the requirements for the renewal of tricycle franchise Secures submitted requirements Licensing Officer
2. Be present during review of documents and provide the necessary information Reviews the documents and makes necessary endorsement to the SP Secretariat for confirmation through a certificate for renewal of franchise 1 -2 weeks Licensing Officer


Sangguniang  Panlungsod

      a. If the application has been confirmed by the SP, pay the corresponding fees for its renewal
3. Wait for the preparation of the renewal of franchise Prepares the papers for renewal of franchise and bring the documents to CMO for signature of the city Mayor 25 mins Licensing Officer
4. Receive the duly approved new/renewal of tricycle franchise Releases tricycle franchise (MTOP) Licensing Officer