This is one of the most important and critical sectors that the City Government Sector is giving undivided attention in view of its immense productive potentials provided by mother nature. Agricultural programs and services are focused on technical assistance in both the urban and rural areas to make use of the bountiful resources. These are in the areas of Crop and Vegetable Production, High Value Commercial Crops, Organic Agriculture, Fishery Development and Livelihood Opportunities.

Regulatory activities are also being intensified to curtail abusive practices in critical areas such as illegal fishing, quarrying, use of pesticides, etc.

The City Agricultural Services Office ( CASO) likewise extends its services to strengthen farmers, fisher folk and women’s organizations and provides financial support to rural-based organizations.

Finally, CASO implements special projects under the Grassroots Participatory Budgeting Program such as the provision of Pre- and Post Harvest Communal Machineries, Provision of Fishing Boats and Gears and Techno Demo on Organic Agriculture.