Issuance of Locational Clearance/Zoning Compliance Certificate

Client Group: General Public

Basic requirements:

1.   Three (3) copies of duly accomplished and notarized Application Form

2.  Two (2 ) copies of any of the following requirements relative to the rights over land.

  1. Photocopy of the Certificate of Title, in case registered in the name of applicant (Certified  by-Register of Deeds Office)

b.   In the absence of any existing certificate of title in the name of applicant, submit:

b.1 1 Certified true copy of the latest tax declaration

b.2 2 Pro-forma affidavit to the effect that:

  • The applicant is the owner of the property subject of the application;
  • The reasons why the property is not yet titled;
  • That the property is free from liens and encumbrances of the  property;
  • That the property is tenanted.

c. In case the property is not registered in the name of the applicant, submit a photocopy of the owner’s  certificate of title or in the absence of the  title, the tax declaration and pro-forma affidavit as described in item B  and  any of the following:

  • Duly notarized deed of sale or deed of donation
  • Duly notarized contract of lease/option to buy/contract to sell
  • Authorization to use subject parcel of land

3. Vicinity Map showing the existing land uses within the minimum 100 meters        and  1 kilometer radius from the  lot boundary of the project site for projects                of local and national significance respectively. (please refer to II-5   below)

4. Site Development Plan showing the project site lot area boundaries

and  proposed layout of improvements  therein.

5.  Environment Compliance Certificate/Certificate of Non-Compliance                        (ECC/CNC) form DENR Office.

Additional Requirements:

  1.  For manufacturing Projects: Description of industry citing among others the following:

a.  Products manufactured or stored

b.  Average production output/capacity per day/week/month;

c.  Types and volume of raw materials/chemicals used

d.  Industrial wastes and plans for pollution control;

e.  Description of process flow or manufacturing processes; and

f.  Manpower requirements

2. Copies of Bill of Materials and Construction Equipments (where applicable) signed and sealed

by Civil Engineer/Architect/Owner

3.  Specifications (signed & sealed by Civil Engineer/Architect/Owner)

a. Locational Plan/Vicinity Map, Site Development Plan, Perspective (sheet#1) with

Geodetic  Engineer Certification of Non-encroachment to adjacent/adjoining properties.

b. 1 set Building Plans

4. For applications filed by authorized representative; Sworn Special Power of Attorney

for the representative   to file/follow-up application, and to claim decision on the application.

5. Other additional documents as may be needed for projects of national significance

which   require a more  exhaustive evaluation.

For Commercial Projects – ECC/NCC shall be required for four (4) storeys and above

Service Schedules: Mondays to Fridays

Total Processing Time:

  • 1 hour and 40 minutes
  • Site Inspection – average of one day (dependent on the distance)

Total Fees/Charges:


There shall be collected zoning fee for the issuance of Certificate of

Zoning Compliance/ Locational Clearance/Zoning Clearance from person/entities

required to secure the same, computed based on the total project cost/

capital investment



Action of the CZAO

Transaction time

Responsible Person

 1. Proceed to the Zoning       Administration Office.  Secure checklist of requirements and application form for Locational clearance. Issues checklist of requirements and application form/s and ask the client to fill-up the application form.

5 mins.

Zoning Officer

 2.  Fill-up the required application  form/s Provides assistance while client fills-up the application form.

5 mins.

Zoning Officer

      I. Submit duly accomplished   form with the necessary documents for evaluation of Zoning Officer.

a.   If requirements are  complete, get schedule for site inspection.

b.  If requirements are not   complete, inquire to the Zoning Officer about the lacking documents.

Receives and evaluates duly    accomplished application form/s and other supporting documents.


Set schedule for site inspection.

Advises the client on the lacking supporting documents.

10 mins.

Zoning Officer



Action of the CZAO

Transaction time

Responsible Person

         II.  Bring receipt of notice that    results are already available,     proceed to Zoning Administration Office. Conducts inspection.

Informs the client of the         availability of results of the evaluation.

1 hour

Zoning Officer

         III.  Proceed to the Zoning  Administration Office then present the  notice.

a. If everything is in order,        secure order of payment. Pay at the City Treasurer’s Office.

b. If needed requirements are not met, seek directions from the Zoning Administrator.

Confirms the result of the final evaluation.



Issues order of payment and informs client of the next step.

Advises the client of the appropriate actions to be taken up.

10 mins.

Zoning Officer

  1. Present to the Zoning           Administration Office the

proof of payment.

Wait for the  Approved Application for      Locational Clearance.

Checks or verifies the proof of payment/receipt presented.


Issues Approved Application for Locational Clearance.

10 minutes

Zoning Officer