Slaughterhouse Service

Client Group: Meat Vendors, Meat Processors, Butchers and Animal Raisers


  • Slaughter Permit
  • Certificate of Ownership and Transfer (Large Animals)
  • Business License (Meat intended for sale)

Service Schedule: Daily

  • Receiving of stocks: 3:00pm – 7:00pm
  • Slaughtering time: 12:00 midnight- 6:00am

Total Processing Time:

  • Hog: 20 mins/head
  • Cattle & Carabao: 30 mins/head

Total Fees/Charges:


Slaughter Permit      – P 15.00/head

Slaughter Fee          - P 15.00/head

Corral Fee                  - P 15.00/head

Ante Mortem Fee      - P 5.00/head

Post Mortem Fee       - P 1.00/kg

Delivery Service Fee           – P 20.00/head

            Cattle and Carabao

Slaughter Permit     – P 25.00/head

Slaughter Fee                      – P 25.00/head

Corral Fee                            – P 25.00/head

Ante Mortem Fee    – P 10.00/head

Post Mortem Fee     – P 1.50/kg

Delivery Service Fee          – P 50.00/head



Action of the CVO

Transaction time

Responsible Person

1. Delivery of live food animals2. Submit required documents to the receiving officer



3. Unloading of stocks


Pre-assesses/Inspects and evaluates the health condition of incoming animalsChecks and records the required documents (Slaughter Permit; Certificate of Ownership and Transfer)


Issues certificate that the animal is in good    condition


5-10 mins

1 min



2 minutes

Livestock Inspector 

Security Guard on Duty

Animal Keeper

4. Ante Mortem Inspection

5. Slaughtering and Post-Mortem Inspection and carcass

6. Proceed to the Revenue Collector’s booth

7. Delivery of meat/Carcass to Public Market/Meat Shops

Observes the physical condition/behavior of animal while at rest and isolates sick/injured animal 

Brands and issues Meat Inspection Certificate


Weighs the carcass


Receives payment for the slaughter fees and other charges


Loads the carcass to the Meat Delivery Van

1-2 mins/head

20-25 mins/hog

 30-35 mins/cattle,


2 minutes

10-15 mins



Meat Inspector

Meat Inspector & Weighing       Operator

Revenue          Collector

Meat Delivery Crew