UNEP-LCP-LGU Partnership Boosts Sorsogon City Water Sector
UNEP-LCP-LGU Partnership Boosts Sorsogon City Water Sector

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                The Sorsogon City Water Sector got a “shot-in-the-arm” with the ongoing  water project  financed by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP),  in partnership with the League of Cities of the Philippines (LCP) and LGU Sorsogon City.

In the Focus Group Discussion and Validation Workshop held last September 13, 2016, Ms. Veron Hitosis (LCP Program Manager), articulated the scope, activities, work plan, timelines and responsibilities of the parties involved, in the successful implementation of the project for the city, with the goal of “improved water distribution through sufficient supply of potable water”. This include the improvement of water quality and watershed management (reforestation) through resettlement of settlers in watershed areas by offering attractive incentives package, as well as access to DENR database. Major project activities involved are : 1)Stocktaking; 2)  Data collection and analysis; and 3) Documentation and knowledge sharing.

Consultants will be hired to assist the Technical Working Group (TWG) tasked to handle both the technical and administrative aspects of the project. Significant milestones of the project are the conduct of the National and Regional Water Workshops on the first quarter of 2017.

The project will also highlight the major issues/problems currently besetting the water sector in the city, some of which are: 1) Water quality; 2)Water quantity/sufficiency; 3) Affordability; 4) Seasonal Water Supply; 5) Privatization of the City Water District; and 6) Different Users with the same water source.

The parties involved in the project are quite optimistic that the water project will be able to address the issues and concerns and achieve the project goal of improved water distribution through sufficient supply of potable water. ( T. Fortes)